About Our Company

SB Mechanical and Geothermal, Inc. is a locally owned and operated HVAC company that specializes in ground source heat pumps, also known as geothermal heating and cooling.  SB Mechanical and Geothermal, Inc. provides homeowners and business owners with the equipment best suited to the situation, chosen from the top manufacturers in the industry.

Our expert team can provide a new installation, fix an older unit or update an existing system in Central Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.  We handle all aspects of the job from design, installation, start up and service.  Ground source heat pumps are a proven heating and cooling alternative to traditional air conditioners and gas and oil furnaces.

Homes, churches, city buildings, multiple unit housing, strip malls, manufacturing, city garages and schools can be heated and cooled using ground source heat pumps.  For that matter, most buildings can be handled with a properly installed ground source heat pump system.  The larger the building, the higher the potential savings on heating and cooling expenses. Ground source heat pumps can substantially reduce your annual energy costs leaving money to spend in other important areas.

Call us at 763-434-5162 or fill out our Contact Us form for more information on how ground source heat pumps are an investment that pays year after year. SB Mechanical and Geothermal, Inc. can provide you with a cost effective, professional installation.

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